Our agency uses evidence-based strategies as well as, standards-based best practices to execute the highest level of quality mentoring. We utilize the practices and principals from such national organizations as Indiana Mentor, National Mentoring Partnership, Mentoring Central, MENTOR (National Mentoring Partnership), OJJDP, and National Institute of Justice (Crime Solutions). Evidence-Based and Standards-Based Practices that we have adopted are listed below:

Using formal mentoring (both developmental-psychosocial and instrumental)

Using one-to-one mentoring, group mentoring, team mentoring, and peer mentoring

Evidence-Based Best Practices

Carefully screen both potential mentors and mentees

Match mentors and mentees primarily on the basis of shared interests

Use structured activities, developmental or instrumental approaches, and make activities fun, and challenging (and meaningful)

Provide mentors and mentees with orientation, training, and support for the duration of the match

Provide closure for the match

Use sound management practices

Have well-developed personnel qualifications, job descriptions, eligibility requirements, and professional development opportunities for staff

Conduct ongoing evaluation of youth outcomes

Use sound financial practices to ensure the sustainability of the program and the match

Involve parents in their child success through multiple means

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