New Breed Of Youth Inc.

  • Community Based Referral a cadet is referred to program by parent, guardian, family or friend. Registration fee is $25 per year which enables him to attend our Wednesday group session 6:15 9 p.m. Community referrals will not receive a 1:1 Life Coach and Transportation is not provided.

  • State Sponsored Referral a cadet referred through a state agency court order Dept. of Child Services, New B.O.Y. will provide the mentoring support with a 1:1 Life Coach who engages him in weekly N.B. activities, weekly New B.O.Y. nights, and communication with the childs treatment team.

  • If you know of someone who would be a perfect candidate to join the NEW B.O.Y. Mentoring and Life Coaching Program, please click the link below to download our registration form.

  • WEEKLY MEETINGS are held at 7 p.m. Wednesday eenings Indianapolis Metropolitan High School 1635 W. Michigan Rd

  • We are currently holding Parent Orientation prior to our Wednesday Night sessions at 6:30 p.m at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School 1635 W. Michigan St. During the orientation you can find out more about our program first hand and how your child can benefit from our services. Please bring your completed registration form to Parent Orientation.

  • What Makes NEW B.O.Y. Different from other mentoring agencies? Young, Motivated staff who are in touch with todays youth and their struggle. Sports Programs & Teams Direct Collaboration & Support with The Inner Beauty Mentoring Program,INC Youth Recognition Dinners & Events

  • NEW B.O.Y. Youth will partner with strong male & female role models with a passion for EMPOWERING youth and creating a relationship experience that will change their lives forever!

  • ANYONE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A NEW B.O.Y MENTOR MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA No substance or alcohol abuse issues Past experience working with youth (community center, coach, teacher, etc) call our office 317-672-7525

  • ANY ONE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A NEW B.O.Y LIFE COACH MUST MEET THE FOLLOWING CRITERIA: Meet all above qualifications Facilitate at least 1 NEW B.O.Y Wednesday session Shadow an active NEW B.O.Y Life Coach for 1-2 weeks (must attend 1 team meeting) Attend at least 3 NEW B.O.Y Sessions on Wednesday Night Submit a NEW B.O.Y Volunteer Information form and more. Attend at least 2 NEW B.O.Y sponsored field trips Have a positive image/ standing in their community Be linked/associated with at least 1 other social services agency Please call our office 317-672-7525 or email for more information!
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