About Us

The Inner Beauty Program, Inc. was established in 2002 by Chrystal Hines, President/CEO. It began as a three month program filled with workshops that culminated with the Inner Beauty Pageant to encourage and inspire young ladies to value their inner attributes in a world that is known to only nurture outer appearance. This pageant isnt simply a glamorous night of formal dresses and Indianapolis most talented; it is a celebration of youth. Investing time in our youth is actually an investment in the future of our communities and our nation. From this spawned our full year program. Partnering with various community organizations allowed us to expand the Inner Beauty program and fulfill a yearly commitment of instilling motivation, passion, and education into the young ladies of Indianapolis. We are now able to communicate the importance of education on a much higher level by offering such services as academic tutoring, in-school support, college tours, fitness programs, financial and economic development workshops, and various other programs geared towards the positive development of our youth. We also impart in our youth life skills so that they are prepared for their future and will become successful and productive members of our society. We believe that building on the strengths of our children will ultimately lead to a firm foundation that will not easily be broken by the current ills of mainstream society.

Partnering with the Inner Beauty Program, Inc. is our brother program, NEW B.O.Y. (New Breed of Youth). This program established its roots in the summer of 2006 with founding president, Kareem Hines. This male empowerment program works with young men who are currently in crisis situations: on probation, kicked out of school, gang activity, victims & witnesses of domestic abuse, drug abuse, etc. The NEW B.O.Y programs VISION is to utilize a strength- based approach to foster a life-changing experience for young men living in underprivileged communities. The NEW B.O.Y programs mission is to cultivate & empower young men through programs, activities, and relationships focused on instilling in each young man A new sense of self and direction. NEW B.O.Y will open doors to a new world of hope and opportunity! Together, we will provide opportunities for young men and women to collaborate in several arenas that promote healthy relationships and understanding the opposite sex. With this, we will create an atmosphere that gives them a chance to establish boundaries and recognize their roles as future men and women in the community. Partnering builds character in the young people and lessens their chances of becoming statistical single mothers and absent fathers, with increased welfare dependency, alcohol and substance abuse, etc. We are making strides at changing their mindsets to fashion those of college educated citizens and family oriented individuals. This shift will better our communities.

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