New B.O.Y. Sports Program / Mondays
  • Held every Monday from 5:30pm-7:00pm at the D1-The Factory Sports Complex.
  • Activities include: New B.O.Y. Leaders Circle, Youth Open Basketball, New B.O.Y. Basketball Team, and our Physical Fitness corner!
  • The Complex is located at 6331 Crawfordsville Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46224
  • Community Service is also an activity we promote on Monday nights in an effort to instill Personal Accountability and a sense of giving back into our young men!
NB Real Men Read- Literacy Program / Tuesdays
  • NB cadets receive academic support/tutoring in all academic areas (as outlined in treatment plan) Youth Group Reading program focused on helping our young men improve reading skills, self confidence, and increasing reading comprehension in a nurturing group setting with New B.O.Y. mentors and peers.
  • This program is held at the Indpls Central Library, located at 40 East St. Clair St OR the New B.O.Y. Program building, located at 5610 Crawfordsville Road, Indpls 46224. Program time- 6:00pm-7:30pm
Guns Down-Gloves Up Youth Boxing Program (Wednesdays & Saturdays)
Location: Lawrence Park (5301 N. Franklin Road)
  • Boxing & Physical Fitness is the focus on Saturday afternoons for youth involved in this program. The program provides a physical outlet for our youth with a chance to release some energy in a pro-social positive, peer environment.
  • The Boxing program is geared towards young men ages 6-17 years of age. Youth are taught Boxing/ Self Defense skills geared towards instilling the following principles: Self-Discipline, Self-Respect, Character, Positive Attitude, Personal Accountability, Positive Peer Fellowship and Teamwork!
New B.O.Y. Leaders Circle (Group Meeting) / Wednesdays
  • Personal Journal reflection starts off our group night for all New B.O.Y. cadets/ Snack provided
  • Young men engage in group discussion focused around current events and are empowered to share positive developments in their lives, and are also taught strategies focused on self-improvement & self awareness.
  • Break out sessions are designed for young men to engage in smaller groups after the large group meeting.
  • Stewards of Children Training
  • Breakout sessions include Themed topics such as: Financial Development, Job Readiness, Computer Literacy, Juvenile Justice Prevention, Life Skills, School to Prison Pipeline, Self Advocacy, Personal Hygiene, Academic Success, and other important topics relative to todays youth CULTURE!
  • A GROUP DINNER is served for all participants once the session concludes
New B.O.Y. Life Skills Class (held on Tuesdays in conjunction with the RMR program)
  • This program takes place every other Tuesday at the IBNB Speedway bldg & Central Library (40 E. St. Clair st).
  • The program is geared towards proving support and guidance to our young men focused on Personal Hygiene, Improving Interpersonal Communication, Responsible Social Media activity, Home Leadership Skills, Personal Grooming Principles, and other critical areas that our young men have to develop in order to become productive, law abiding members of our community and needed to make a successful transition into adulthood!
Other Daily/Weekly/ Monthly New B.O.Y. Activities
  • New B.O.Y. Recording Studio/ Weekly- used to promote positive rap, spoken word, and give our young men an outlet to express themselves in a positive environment.
  • The recording studio is also used as an reward incentive for our young men who are exhibiting positive progress in the following areas: Home, School, and the Community.
New B.O.Y. Game Room / Daily
  • The New B.O.Y. game room is designed to provide our young men with a positive, fun, atmosphere where they can play popular video games in a supervised setting.
  • We have a Reality discussion with the boys prior to and after the video game session where youth converse with their mentor in an effort relate the games to the young mens current environment- with an emphasis on differentiating between Fiction & Non- Fiction.
New B.O.Y. Cosmetology / Grooming Program/ Weekly
  • Young men are afforded the opportunity to get haircuts prior to an upcoming court date, or team meeting.
  • Young men are also fitted for their shirt & tie and are taught how to tie a neck tie.
New B.O.Y. Community Service & Feed the Homeless program
  • Every other Month- Various community service projects are offered to New B.O.Y. in the community, and on occasion we recruit some of our boys to engage in these projects to promote a sense of giving back and personal community accountability.
  • Our young men also travel to different areas in the community to give out meals & snack bags to our citys homeless population. The bags are prepared by the boys at Indianapolis Metropolitan HS.
New B.O.Y. Field Trips / Bi-weekly
  • As an incentive for the boys in the program, New B.O.Y. takes field trips in and out of state to provide the boys with the opportunity to get a break from their current environment, and be exposed to areas & cultures outside of their normal every day surroundings.
  • Appropriate parties are notified of all field trips at least 30 days in advance, unless we are afforded the opportunity to engage in a field trip through a community partner who gives us late notice to take advantage of some tickets to a Pacer game, Football game, or other event in the community.