Our agency stays busy! We have a full calendar beginning in January so that our youth have a decreased amount of time in the community to get in trouble. Picture this, in July we take a college tour for 5 days. We take approximately 40 youth. This equates to 4800 hours of crime prevention, hunger prevention, abuse prevention, homeless prevention. Yes, these are things are youth go through on a daily basis. Not everyone, but a high population of them. With this, our calendar staying full is a necessity. It saves lives.

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    The Educational Mentoring Program will provide assistance to schools by working with challenging youth that would typically be referred to as at-risk.

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    Please view our monthly newsletter as we keep you informed about parental information needs about the orgazation including testimonials.

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    Check out our amazing videos and photos of our youth and explore our trips and activities we do throught the year.

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    Download our IBNB mobile to get on the go access to all of our events with live notifications for information that is related to you.

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    A donation to our girls today is an investment into the women of tomorrow. Your donation goes towards many activities and trips.


    About Us

    Our mission is to provide teaching of self- awareness and empowerment to todays young ladies and to enhance the focus of living.

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    We want to hear from you contact us so that we can understand your needs or view our social media sites to learn more information.

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